Monica Patrice Barra

Assistant Professor, School of Earth, Ocean and Environment and Department of Anthropology

PhD, Anthropology, City University of New York, 2018

My research focuses on the ways racial inequalities and geographies are forged in and through scientific knowledge and practices, racial histories, and transformations and of physical environments with a particular focus on North America. My current book project, Good Sediment, examines these topics through an ethnography of land loss that considers the complicated ways scientists and residents conceptualize space, water, land and sediment in the context of historic and contemporary race relations. This work is theoretically situated in work on black geographies and histories of racial formations in the U.S., the political ecologies of the plantation, critical science studies, and environmental anthropology. Research among these groups has grown into collaborations with engineers, ecologists, fishermen, and other coastal residents to create environmental models that bring together scientific and traditional environmental knowledge. This work is aimed at democratizing scientific expertise by integrating the knowledge and values of communities most directly exposed to climate change into cutting-edge scientific research environmental restoration.

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